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New Connector: Hibob Not planned
1 2
New Connector: ClientSuccess Not planned
0 1
Other: Expose the Connector API Responded
1 3
API: All accounts vs Specific Account Response Responded
1 1
New Connector: Zoom Not planned
6 2
Dashboard Improvement: Alerts History in UI Responded
1 2
Date/Time Picker for Sync Frequency on Transformations & Connectors Responded
5 9
Connector Improvement: Use Bulk API for Marketo Program Membership Responded
0 1
Connector Improvement: Allow for cron syntax when setting Sync Frequency Responded
1 1
Connect Card: Add "add report" button in Google Analytics Responded
0 4
Connector Improvement: Prioritized Tables for Marketo Responded
1 1
Other: show personal data fields (GDPR) in documentation Responded
8 2
Connector Improvement: Zuora add User table Completed
1 2
Connector Improvement: Zuora add Order Metrics data Responded
2 1
Connector Improvement: Zuora add Discount Applied Metrics data Not planned
1 2
New Connector: Redshift Not planned
1 1
API: New endpoint to accept OAuth token Planned
1 1
New Connector: Tradedesk Planned
4 0
Connect Card: Option to add logo Not planned
0 0
New Connector: Delighted Planned
4 4
Connector Improvement: Add extra data to Github like Topics Responded
1 2
Connector Improvement: Append only mode for Postgres connector Not planned
0 6
API: Get Authentication token for authorized connectors Responded
0 1