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Date/Time Picker for Sync Frequency on Transformations & Connectors Responded
5 9
Allow sorting/filtering of the Schema by "checked" Responded
6 8
Connector Improvement: Additional Fields for Facebook Pages Not planned
2 6
Connector Improvement: Append only mode for Postgres connector Not planned
0 6
New Connector: Outreach Not planned
17 5
New connector: TikTok Business centre/ TikTok ads Planned
5 5
Transformations: Allow DBT Role to be configurable Planned
2 5
New Connector: Typeform Not planned
5 4
Connector Improvement: Offer sort options for column names Completed
1 4
Connector Improvement: Jira user audit detail Responded
1 4
Connector improvement : Destination AWS Redshift & RDS Not planned
0 4
New Connector: Xactly Not planned
3 4
More compact data for cloud functions connector than JSON Responded
0 4
Shopify connector: Add missing fields of Fulfillment object Planned
0 4
Connector Improvement: Jira History Responded
1 4
New Connector: Sharepoint Not planned
6 4
Connect Card: Add "add report" button in Google Analytics Responded
0 4
New Connector: Delighted Planned
4 4
Dashboard Improvement: Schema Browser improvements Not planned
0 3
Add option to automatically include (or exclude) new columns Planned
3 3
New Connector: Qualtrics Planned
3 3
Ordering of Duplicate Columns Planned
0 3
Twitter Connector Responded
0 3