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New Connector: Redshift

Not planned

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    Hi Annelise - if you had Redshift as a source, what would you be doing with the data?

    The reason we don't offer a Redshift connector today is that it, like most columnar data warehouses, does not expose a write-ahead log that we can replicate from.  As a result, the replication would need to be via non-incremental queries.

    As an alternative, you can unload the data from Redshift into a supported source such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage. For information on how to export data from Redshift, see Unloading data to Amazon S3.

    You can then use our Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage connectors to sync the data into a destination that we support, such as Snowflake.

    We need this connector as well.

    Currently, our data warehouse is in Snowflake, and we use Fivetran for ELT.  However, we have a legacy Redshift data warehouse that is integrated with many engineering processes, and we can't just port those processes to Snowflake.  But we need a copy of the redshift data in the Snowflake DW. 

    Since there is no redshift connector, we have to run a full instance of Matillion in parallel, just to copy the data over daily.  @Fivetran, please build this connector.

    We are building our data warehouse in Snowflake, and we use Fivetran for ELT.  However, we have another Redshift data warehouse supported by a thrid party that is integrated with our workflow management system and we have to find a way to create a data pipeline to bring the data into Snowflake. We started to explore APIs to bring the data but its seems to be complicated and cumbersome. Team, please build the Fivetran connector.

    Same for us.
    Currently we're under a M&A process. So there's legacy data running on a Redshift instance for one country and there's the official one running on Snowflake

    We are using AWS and GC. Part of the operational data are stored in Redshift and need to be integrated with our analytics DW Bigquery.

    Since we are currently pulling data from various sources with Fivetran connectos, it's desirable and convenient  to mange all the ETL operation on the Fiveran dashboard including copying Redshift data into Bigquery. In this sense, it will be very helpful if Redshift connector gets supported.

    Redshift connector is required to migrate data out of redshift warehouse, we are migrating out of redshift as our warehouse and it would really helpful to have redshift as a source ocnnector.