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Other: Search for destination in Users tab Planned
0 1
Connector Improvement: Kustomer Conversation Events Planned
1 3
Connector Improvement: Support Capture Deletes for Servicenow Planned
0 1
New Connector: Tik Tok Planned
1 1
New Connector: Typeform Planned
8 7
New Connector: Oracle Cloud Financials Planned
1 1
New Destination: AWS S3 destination Planned
5 4
Connector Improvement: Support Google Analytics 4 Planned
4 4
Connector Improvement: Zendesk votes Planned
16 1
Connector Improvement: Add Deployments to GitHub Planned
0 1
Add option to automatically include (or exclude) new columns Planned
9 7
New Connector: Qualtrics Planned
5 3
Custom roles at the Account level Planned
0 2
Connector Improvement: Asana Project current status Planned
0 1
Need for Demographical Details in LinkedIn Connector Planned
1 3
New Connector: Outreach Planned
18 7
New Connector: Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Planned
0 3
Hubspot - Tickets- Stage Labels Planned
1 3
New connector: TikTok Business centre/ TikTok ads Planned
6 6