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Destination Improvement: Map Decimal column to BIGNUMERIC Completed
2 1
Connector Improvement: Shopify: extract shop information Completed
0 5
Connector Improvement: Stripe Apple Pay domains Completed
0 1
New Connector: Airtable to DW Completed
0 1
Connector Improvement: Offer sort options for column names Completed
1 4
Connector Improvement: add user_agent field to shopify.order table Completed
0 7
Connector Improvement: Jira user audit detail Completed
1 5
Ordering of Duplicate Columns Completed
0 4
Feature Request - Offer Signed Data from Lever Recruiting Completed
0 2
Mixpanel connector throughput Completed
0 1
flexibility in Google ad account connector Completed
1 3
Submit a Request Usability/Functionality Completed
0 4
Log connector (_fivetran_deleted for user table) Completed
2 1
Connector Improvement: Facebook Ad Account (Custom Select Tables) Completed
1 1
Allow sorting/filtering of the Schema by "checked" Completed
7 10
Support Tickets: Show the latest message next to response box Completed
0 2
Shopify connector: Add missing fields of Fulfillment object Completed
1 6
Missing country_name in Shopify customer_address table Completed
0 3
Connector improvement: Pipedrive - deal change history Completed
0 3