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On March 1, 2023, HVR 6 is rebranded as Fivetran Local Data Processing.


New Connector: Zoom

Not planned

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  • Official comment

    Thanks for sharing Tom Klein! As of now, this is not yet on the roadmap but we'll follow back up with updates.

    +1 on the Zoom connector. Would be a huge value add!

    This would be a huge benefit to measure engagement across our 100+ zoom licensed accounts with over 7k attendees on Zoom calls per month. 

    +1 (+100 if I could)

    +1 here also. We had to use stitch for this one but would prefer to centralise

    +1 from me also


    Basically, leaving Fivetran now for StitchData to have this connector available. 🤷‍♂️

    +1 critical for our business to measure our Zoom accounts and guests attending 

    It would be great if we can have this feature

    100% agree, a lot of potentially useful applications to having this data. 

    +1 on the Zoom connector. This is one of the key requirement from our marketing teams for their analytics needs.

    +1 on Zoom as a new connector!

    Getting webinar registrants and getting meeting attendees is a need. Zoom calls has been requested here too!

    +1 on Zoom connector. This would be a huge win for Fivetran. Stitch now offers this as a native connector. 

    FYI you can set up webhooks in zoom to send data to a fivetran webhook, but you can't sync past data easily

    Would like this. Probably will need to use Stitch for it

    +1 on Zoom connector.

    Can FiveTran product team kindly provide the update?

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