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Connector Improvement: Append only mode for Postgres connector

Not planned

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    Hi Simon! Kevin from Product here.

    We are currently working on a new sync mode called history mode, which would only append data to your destination, granted there would be a few system columns to track history over time (

    Otherwise, for a true append only mode without additional history columns, I can take this back to the team for discussion and prioritization. Our current sync strategy is currently to create either:

    1. like-for-like replica in the warehouse
    2. historical change table using SCD type 2

    If you are interested in this history mode as an interim solution, we are happy to add you to a list of alpha testers for when it is ready. Please let me know!


    My org would be very interested in testing this.



    Hi Kevin, apologies for the late response, complete forgot! I'd be happy to test this out as an alpha tester however I don't really have a full production use-case so I'd only be doing localised "contrived" testing. Still, happy to help with that too!

    Hi Kevin,

    Is there any plan to support RDS (Mysql) for such history mode? If yes, I would like to test it out as an alpha tester too.
    And in the meanwhile, is there any other workaround to preserve the history?



    Hi Fei,

    MySQL History mode is currently in private preview. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we can get it set up for you!

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the quick update. However, I couldn't reach my "Customer Success Manager". I also submitted a request but no response for two days. Maybe I don't have one since our accounts are still on trial? We need to test this feature asap.