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API: Get Authentication token for authorized connectors


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  • Official comment
    Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Brittian we're considering going the other way, so instead of us passing you our OAuth token, we're building an endpoint to accept a refresh token from our customers. Here's a related feature request for the alternative solution. Would that work for your use case? 

  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Brittian we have released the ability for our API to accept OAuth tokens for several connectors including salesforce. Have you been able to play around with this new functionality? Any feedback?

    Hi I have the same question as this which the refresh token solution doesn't really solve.

    We want to get the Salesforce access token saved to Fivetran for other operations. Is this possible?

  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Jonathan, We can't share the secrets once the source issues them to us. The reason being that they are tied to our developer ID with the source so if they are misused we risk the source cutting off all Fivetran access to the source which would break all customer connections. I'd love to learn more about what you're trying to do with the token and how this would help your overall process.