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Other: show personal data fields (GDPR) in documentation


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  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Thanks so much for the request! This seems great, we're thinking about a feature very related to this. I'd love to learn more about what actions you would take with this additional information available?

    GDPR requires that the controller maintains a record of processing activities. I would mainly use the additional information in your documentation about fields with personal data to satisfy GDPR Art. 30, 1. (c) which sais

    That record shall contain all of the following information:

    [...] a description of the categories of data subjects and of the categories of personal data;

    As I am not familiar with all the data sources that I am connecting with Fivetran it would help me a lot to quickly identify where to focus in the sometimes enormous amount of tables and fields of a certain data model.