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Destination Improvement: Allow us to specify the snowflake virtual warehouse used

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    Fivetran  team, any idea when we can get this feature. This issue is blocking my multitenant design 


    I am having a similar use case, it would be massively helpful if Fivetran starts supporting more connection parameters starting with giving the option to specify a specific Snowflake virtual warehouse in the destination configuration.

    Hi Team, I have similar usecase - please refer more detail here : Destination Improvement: Specify Snowflake Warehouse in Connector UI – Fivetran Support

    This would be really valuable for us as well. We would like to separate tables and connectors by SLA so we can put high-priority tables on a separate warehouse to ensure they stay up-to-date. We strongly prefer not to have to manage additional credentials.

    Having separate warehouses also helps us manage our costs within Snowflake, so we don't have to pay for a larger warehouse for lower-priority workloads.

    Hello Fivetran Team,

    Having an option to give the Snowflake warehouse in the Destinations or at the Connectors would be of great help to optimize the cost that need a smaller warehouse rather than using a single warehouse set up as a default for a snowflake user in all the jobs.

    When can we expect to see this in production? I see this request was given almost 2 years back.

    This feature would greatly reduce the operational burden and we would be glad if you would consider it.