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Google BigQuery Connector


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    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your feedback! Syncing from data warehouses as sources is definitely on our radar, and something a number of other users have asked for. I will add your comment here to the list of requesters and make note of it.

    Thanks for helping us prioritize valuable features!

    We have the same use case ^^ GA data sourced in BQ that needs to piped to Snowflake. Would love to be included in any upcoming updates / announcements on this as well as any other DW as a source. Thanks!!

    As an update here for everyone following, we still do not have a committed timeframe for this new connector. However, we have made good progress on a design of a potential solution and we are continuing to research use cases for data warehouse syncs!

    As we build this out, I will be working with the customer success managers to get more customer feedback, so please share below if you would like to describe your use case!

    Our business also has a requirement to get Google Big Query data into Snowflake. Use case is for the marketing department.

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