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Google BigQuery Connector


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    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for your feedback! Syncing from data warehouses as sources is definitely on our radar, and something a number of other users have asked for. I will add your comment here to the list of requesters and make note of it.

    Thanks for helping us prioritize valuable features!

    We have the same use case ^^ GA data sourced in BQ that needs to piped to Snowflake. Would love to be included in any upcoming updates / announcements on this as well as any other DW as a source. Thanks!!

    As an update here for everyone following, we still do not have a committed timeframe for this new connector. However, we have made good progress on a design of a potential solution and we are continuing to research use cases for data warehouse syncs!

    As we build this out, I will be working with the customer success managers to get more customer feedback, so please share below if you would like to describe your use case!

    Our business also has a requirement to get Google Big Query data into Snowflake. Use case is for the marketing department.

    Very important for us to get this as a source and also have the ability to do the incremental sync. Would really like it if fivetran can build this out sooner, we have. been forced to look at other tools such as census, hightouch, airbyte. 

    This is really important, particularly with the increased need to add multiple DW for different usecases:

    1. I use snowflake for the datamarketplace, and for DBT
    2. I use BQ for AutoML
    3. I want some of my DBT exposures from snowflake moved to BQ so that my users can use Sheets BQ connector
    4. I want to move some exposures to Clickhouse or Firebolt so that I can provide very fast analytics on top of it 

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