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    Improving Fivetran's capabilities around dbt docs and tracking artifacts is on our radar! What are some specific moments recently when you would have used this functionality? Your examples help us build the right way

    2 main cases in mind:

    I've been bringing a resource on a project and needed to explain how the data flows and is modeled. If I could just provide a URL tied to dbt docs for them to explore, that'd be ideal.

    When resources are working on analytics, being able to access the source definitions if helpful. given that fivetran manages the schemas of most sources, getting these automatically generated and accessible in a readable format is great.

    Could I enquire as to the status of this feature request?

    I, too, am looking for an easy way to host our dbt docs behind a login.

    Would love to see this added to fivetran's dbt implamentation.

    I agree this would be helpful. In my case, someone else has set up the transformation already, and I would love to be able to explore it without pulling the entire repo down locally and jumping through other hoops. This would definitely be a nice feature.

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