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Connector Improvement: Using new API version for Criteo connector

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    Hey Emanuele, Mahesh from product team here.

    Thanks for raising this feature request. Here, are the differences we have found while comparing the 2023-10 and 2024-04. While comparing and testing out, we didn't see any new attributes associated with newer renewal periods, as you mentioned.

    Could we get an example response for the entire dataset, including campaigns and adsets created during newer renewal periods? This would help us understand what you need and what we are missing.


    I need this as well! It seems like they are all on the adset metric tables but the actual adset table is incomplete so I can’t relate all adsets back to their campaigns for example.


    You are correct in saying that there's no new attributes associated with newer renewal periods, the problem is a different one: the old API version will simply NOT return ANY data associated with adsets that use newer renewal periods.


    adset 123 uses older renewal periods: API returns data
    adset 345 uses newer renewal periods: API returns the aforementioned error: This version of the API does not support our newer renewal periods.

    I don't think there's any need to add or remove any attributes compared to the ones you're using now, I believe it's simply a matter of changing the versions from the current one you're using to, at least, the 2024.04 one.