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Connector Improvement: Jira Sprints completed date inconsistent


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    Hi Kelvin, thanks for your request. We may be able to add sprint updates to our webhooks– can you tell me more about your use case? How often are sprints being updated without any issues in the sprint changing?

    We've only noticed this once in the past month, but we only recently rolled out the report to end users. Typically the Sprint is marked as completed though and unless issues weren't completed and are moved to a future sprint, there wouldn't be updates to the issues.

    Thanks Kelvin. I'll add this to our backlog and continue to monitor this ticket for upvotes, which help us prioritize requests.

    Just a follow up that this was noticed with 2 more sprints this month, where the completed date remained empty despite the sprint being closed. This issue does remain a problem. Being able to do a historic sync of just the sprint table would make it easier to clean this up, if that would be an easier possibility. The full historic sync takes several days and isn't something we'd want to do regularly.

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