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Connector Improvement: Add table for Ticket Metric Events to Zendesk Support connector

Not planned

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  • Ray User

    Hi Marty,

    Those requested fields appear to be denormalized data. I believe they can be calculated from the underlying raw data, which is why we are not syncing them. You find the reasoning behind this decision in our Shared Responsibility Model:

    If I'm wrong and some of these fields cannot be calculated from the currently synced data, please let me know! We'll take a look and see what we can do to make that information available.

    All the best,

    Ray Harris

    Product Manager, Sales & Customer Success Analytics


    I'm having issues with this now, specifically getting 'agent replies' for tickets. I tried filtering for ticket comments by users with the 'agent' role, but the comment numbers I was seeing weren't matching up with the 'agent replies' measure in the zendesk Queries portal. I've searched high and low in the Zendesk data made available through Fivetran and can't find any way to represent agent replies.


    Adding on to this request. Information from the following APIs is requested information from our consumers as well :

    Can you please help make them available ?


    Hey @Ray - Cross posting this as it seems several people are running into the same issue:

    We've found that not all metrics can be calculated from the underlying data.

    We only get a transcript for the entire ticket conversation for messaging tickets on the ticket_comments table, which means we have bot messages, customer messages and agent responses all bundled up together. Therefore, Fivetran's dbt package doesn’t help, because it relies on ticket_comments for reply time (which works for web / email, but not for chat nor messaging). Although we could transform the data to separate the individual messages, in order to identify the first reply by an agent, we’d have to rely on matching agent name from the chat transcript and on the users table, which is not a robust solution.

    We are also having issue calculating the ticket metrics data.. Request Fivetran to make it readily available.. why reinvent the wheel to do all the calculations while the calculated values are already present at the source?