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Connector Improvement: Request for okta connector to add filtering and options to choose table

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    Hi Reuben,

    Thank you for letting us know about this challenge. We are working on bringing the table select/deselect support to our Okta connector - hopefully this will be available in about a month.

    For the filtering you have in mind can you share a little more about how you would imagine this might work? - what sort of logs would be filtering to include, and which sort of logs would you be filtering to exclude?
    It would also be really helpful if you could share any information on your use cases.

    Thank you


    Hello Alison,


    Thanks for getting in touch with us on the connector.


    Regarding the table select/deselect feature, this is an urgent request and we hope the feature is available by June mid at the earliest. Do let us know if there would be any delays by June 1st week itself so that we can inform our stakeholders?


    Regarding filtering,  the reasoning behind the same was that due to the size of the log data in okta, our initial sync itself wasn’t completing and upon research, its seems okta does provide filtering options to restrict the data coming from the api. The filters are around date/time and expressions.




    Reuben Gerald

    A quick update to let you know we released support for table select/deselect for Okta.

    I'd love for you to give it a try and let us know how it works out.

    Thank you


    Hello Alison,

    Thanks for adding the select/deselect option for the tables in Okta connector. Since we were able to deselect the system log tables from the connector, it was able to complete the initial sync in 4.5 days. Could you let us know if the next syncs are incremental or would it take the same time to sync up?

    Could you also let us know by when will the filtering option be enabled for the system log tables?

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