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Connector Improvement: Qualtrics: Capture deletes for QUESTION_RESPONSE, SURVEY_RESPONSE

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    Hi all,

    Sadie from the PM team here. An update here: we are considering enabling delete capture by scheduling a weekly resync of survey_response and question_response. Would capturing deletes once per week be a suitable solution? If not, at what frequency would you need to capture deletes?



    Another vote for this, it would be great to be able to flag deleted responses without having to drop and reconnect the whole table

    Hi Sadie,

    Once a week would be a suitable compromise for us. In an ideal world this would sync daily but as I tend to report on this on a Monday then having a resync between late sunday and early hours Monday would be great.



    Hi Sadie, thank you for following up. We ended up implementing our own solution where we daily pull these responses from the API into our DW and flag any from the Fivetran extract not in this new daily extract as deleted. That means we no longer need this feature. Like Nick though, if we were starting over again, I would expect the sync to occur daily/at the same cadence as the extracts for consistency and completeness. Weekly is better than nothing. Unfortunately any lag between new survey responses in general and flagging deletes would inevitably result in stakeholders seeing deleted data in their analysis.