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Private Preview Open: Keep Notes within Fivetran! Pinned
3 11
Add option to automatically include (or exclude) new columns Planned
11 13
Allow sorting/filtering of the Schema by "checked" Completed
7 10
Transformations: Allow DBT Role to be configurable Planned
3 10
Connector Improvement: Can the balance of a connected account be made available? Responded
3 9
Date/Time Picker for Sync Frequency on Transformations & Connectors Responded
6 9
Connector Improvement: Support Google Analytics 4 Planned
12 8
New Connector: Typeform Planned
8 7
Connector Improvement: Intacct Feature Request Responded
1 7
New Destination: AWS S3 destination Planned
8 7
Connector Improvement: add user_agent field to shopify.order table Completed
0 7
New Connector: Outreach Planned
18 7
New Connector: Xactly Not planned
6 7
New Connector: Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) Not planned
11 7
New Connector: Chargify Not planned
11 7
New Connector: Genesys Engage Connector Not planned
4 6
Transformations: Allow customization to the generated profiles.yml for Dbt Completed
7 6
New Connector: PagerDuty Not planned
6 6
Callback or Status of Historical Sync Responded
2 6
New Connector : Amazon Advertising Not planned
7 6
New connector: TikTok Business centre/ TikTok ads Planned
6 6
Shopify connector: Add missing fields of Fulfillment object Completed
1 6
Connector Improvement: Additional Fields for Facebook Pages Not planned
2 6
Connector Improvement: Append only mode for Postgres connector Not planned
0 6
Connector Improvement: Apple App Store "Deletions" metric
2 5
Connector Improvement: Shopify: extract shop information Completed
0 5
New Connector: BigCommerce Not planned
6 5
New Connector: Ring Central Responded
8 5