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Transformations: Transformation failure alerts

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    Anna User

    Anna from the Product team here– @Mathan thank you for boosting this feature request. When we hear multiple pain points from users, it helps us prioritize these tasks.

    I agree that the behavior should be consistent with legacy behavior. We originally implemented silent failures because dbt Core was prone to intermittent connection issues that usually resolved after a second or third run. The open-source software is much more stable now.

    I have the switch from silent failures to every-time failure alerts on our roadmap for later this year. I will leave a note here when the work is complete.

    I agree this needs to be reinstated. There are many reasons why 1 notification does not suffice. People can miss these notifications or in our case, we thought we had the issue resolved and was able to run a successful test, however the very next day, the job failed with the same error. As a result we did not receive an alert and then kept silently failing each subsequent day. This had caused us major issues. 

    Furthermore, Fivetran forced their customers to move from Basic Transformations to DBT Transformations. When using Basic Transformations, the behaviour was to alert for each failure. However with DBT, its only an alert for the first failure and then silence. Don't appreciate that Fivetran changed this behaviour after forcing us to change to DBT.