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New Connector: Need connector to extract from ADP Vantage

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    Hi Rohith - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request! In terms of the API's that are supported for ADP Vantage i see the following endpoints listed

    I don't see any endpoint that would jump out as containing "call records". For us to sync this data we would need a way to extract this data. Either through a reporting API or a standard endpoint that contains this information. You may want to begin by seeing if ADP Vantage has a call record endpoint on their product roadmap or if they have a recommended way of extracting this data. 



    Hi Erin, sorry for the typo - extract call* records , I meant extract all records/data from ADP vantage source.

    we need a new connector for ADP vantage to start extracting data from.

    Ive looked at

    do you need to know, the domain to get specific data? or can we have a connector that collects data across all domains listed for ADP Vantage.


    Just looking to see if FiveTran would support ADP Vantage per the comments Rohith gave below.  It looks like there is an API for this.

    Just checking of FiveTran had anymore thoughts on this.