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Connector Improvement: Show Authentication Email in Setup Details

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  • Andrew Morse User

    Hey Dustin Lester - Thank you for the feedback. To make sure I'm understanding the request, you're referring to source where you "authenticate" via a button and you perform an action in the source system authorizing Fivetran to extract data correct?

    In your example, are you looking for the user email who did the action? I imagine it's rare, but the user doing the action could have authenticated with different credentials than their email for Fivetran. In that case, would either email be useful? 

    Apologies Adrew, just looking at this again after 10 months. 

    We are looking for the email used TO authenticate, not the user doing the authentication.

    This is normally not an issue for single connectors, however due to Fivetran limitations we had to create 23 connections for the same data source, and 17 user emails to split up the load. 
    We were unable to see what connection used what email.