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Connector Improvement: Zuora Ramp Details


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    Hi Courtney - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request! Can you please share a bit more about your use case and how this data would be valuable to your analytics? 


    Hi Erin, 

    My company sets up many subscriptions on ramped intervals. 

    What this means is a customer may pay $100 in year 1, $200 dollars in year 2, and finally $300 dollars in year 3. 

    Ingesting the data offered in the current implementation of the Fivetran Zuora connector, the MRR that is reported on the Orders tables is always the last year of the ramp's MRR. 

    I've had to separately create a pipe to call the ramp metrics endpoint to ingest the details about ramp deals and the metrics associated. 

    This was the only way I could accurately report on each year of a ramped deal. 

    Please let me know if I can provide further insights or help. 

    Thank you!