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Connector Improvement: Enhance the connector by adding fields that are missing at the warehouse but exist at Eloqua source


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    Hi Suresh Reddy Ravada, Drew from the Product Team here.

    Could you please provide the names of tables that these fields are missing from? That will make it much easier for us to evaluate this request.

    Do these fields have values (they seem like they would, but worth checking)? Fivetran does not write empty fields to the destination, so it's possible they are missing from the warehouse because they are empty.

    Hi Drew,

    I appreciate you picking up on this feature. The table name is contact. I believe data is available for the requested three columns in the contact table, but I will check with the sourcing team and confirm as soon as possible.


    Hi Drew,

    Does this request have any updates?

    Eloqua's source team confirmed that contact table data is available for the requested fields.


    Suresh Reddy