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New Connector: I want to connect power BI


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    Hi Quest Global

    Thank you for submitting this request. We usually think about a service like Power BI as a consumer of data rather than a source. Can you share more information about what data you are looking to get into your warehouse from Power BI.

    Speak soon,


    I'm not sure if Quest Global was talking about this specifically, but there are a lot of PowerBI API's that are useful for data governance and organizational transparency. 

    The ones that are the most helpfull (and less complicated to use) are their REST API's:
    There are also the GRAPH API's, but these go beyond the scope of the PowerBI service. 

    PowerBI has a built in report that displays user activity, and can be sliced by a limited number of dimensions. However, this report goes back only 90 or 60 days to my knowledge and isn’t customizable nearly to the extent of what is out there. If users want to create a report that goes past this timeframe, a custom ETL solution is necessary.

    For experienced developers, custom solutions are possible, but dealing with the large amount of endpoints, API limits, and documentation could be daunting for a small BI team (and take a lot of dev time). Connecting to these REST API’s would likely be a big help for companies looking to optimize how PowerBI is used (or misused).

    Hi there!

    Thanks for submitting this request.

    If you have a SaaS application that Fivetran doesn’t currently offer a connector for, our By Request program might be the right solution for you.

    The By Request process allows you to request that Fivetran prioritize a new Lite connector that delivers an immediate business impact to your company. As a participant in this program, your team will have free, first access to the data during the build and validation phase. In exchange, you will provide us access to that connector's source as we build out the connector and full ERD. 

    If you're interested in working with us to build a lite connector please complete the Fivetran Lite Connector Request Form to submit your request. You can find more details about the program in our By Request documentation.

    Once submitted, one of our Connector Consultants will review the request and follow up with you. We aim to take two weeks or less for this initial review.

    Thank you for being a valued customer and happy data pipelining!