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Connector Improvement: Hubspot Events v3


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    Hi all, Sadie from the Product Management team here. We are actively working on adding this data to the HubSpot connector. We will update you here once it's available.



    Hi Austin Lin Gibbons, Drew from the Product Team here.

    Could you share a bit more about your use case for this data? It looks like it would be very high volume (tracking page views and other web analytics actions), so I'd want to make sure that the use case is very clear.

    Where is Hubspot tracking these events? How does a customer implement this feature of Hubspot?


    I'm also interested in this feature. Here is my use case: I have a website and a SaaS platform. Hubspot is tracking users on both domains.
    In the contact properties, I have access to the first and last pages visited by a contact on my website.
    I would like to have access to all visited pages to understand users's behavior.
    The information is available thanks to this endpoint.

    I would also be interested in ingesting the events/web analytics data from HubSpot.

    Events API | Web Analytics (

    Also interested in this feature. Many use cases, but one example use case is to understand how specific web pages influenced a prospect. To do that, need to know who visited that web page.

    HubSpot includes this data in its native HubSpot to Snowflake sync and is potentially leading us to move the HubSpot sync workload off of Fivetran.

    Hi Sadie, 

    Can you give any guidance on availability timeline of the contact-level events data in the hubspot connector? I'm working on something that needs this data and trying to make a decision on building something custom to import this data vs wait for it to become available in the connector. Thanks

    Hi Jonas, 

    We are working out some implementation details right now and hope to have this available to you by the end of April. In the meantime, can you share what specific events you are interested in? Most of the requests here are asking about page visits - are there other types of events you need? 



    Hi Sadie,

    For our use case we ideally would want to be extract any types supported by the underlying API, but for the time being the most important are page view and ad interaction events, since those aren't available through any other API at the moment. Would be happy to work with your team to validate early versions of the endpoint as soon as something is available if helpful.


    - Jonas