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Connector Improvement: LinkedIn Ads Data Creative Name <> ID


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    Hi Ronan, 

    Please find more information below on how to find the creative name based on the type of creative. 

    For the creative types: followerjobspotlight and text_ad, the creative name is in the fields follower_headlinejobs_headlinespotlight_headline and text_ad_headline respectively.
    For creative type InMailContent, then table creative_history will have reference field to in_mail_content_history table that will contain the name of this creative

    Let me know if this still doesn't address your need.

    Hi Ronan Zhang, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Like you mentioned, LinkedIn Ads reporting tables contain an ID (creative ID, campaign ID, organization ID, etc.), which can be used to JOIN to their corresponding metadata table (ie. campaign_history, creative_history). The metadata tables will contain additional information such as 'name'.

    Let me know if this helps. If not, can you please point me to the specific reporting table you are looking at?

    Hi Calvin. What I'm looking for is a Name field in the creative_history table. Currently there isn't creative name in the metadata, so that's the blocker to match ad creative name to an ID.

    I wanted to bump this comment. I'm running into the same issue - name is not showing up in the creative meta table 

    Same issue here. Super important field and should be rather easy to add

    Upvoting to request a column with "creative name" be added to the creative_history table

    Hello, we're having the same issue. This is a very important field for us to surface, especially now that video_ad_history is no longer being supported. Is there any progress on this topic?

    Upvoting this request.
    We need a column with "creative name" be added to the creative_history table.

    @shiva Is this available for any other creative types? Our most common type is sponsored_updates and there doesn't seem to be a field which looks to provide the names/headlines for those.


    Fore type = "SPONSORED_STATUS_UPDATE" where can we find the creative name? Is it possible to have creative name as a standard column in creative_history rather than requiring users to consolidate the naming from various columns/tables? 

    For the ~2/3 of type = Null in creative history, how do we find the ad name?

    Any updates on this? I still cant find the ad name for the linkedin ads creatives


    Please Reopen this thread

    Hi Connor & Caitlin - In reviewing the sponsored updates and sponsored status update creative types, I am unable to find an API that provide creative names for these creative types. Can you share any API docs where you see the creative names for these creative types?