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Other: Automated Billing Emails

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    Thank you for requesting this feature! Curious to learn how many people (or emails) would you send these invoices to?


    I have this same issue and all of my other SaaS licenses are emailing me invoices/receipts. FiveTran is literally the only service I have to log into to download the invoice.

    Yes! Please add this feature, one email is plenty, orgs can make a group/mailing list, i.e.

    Same requirement here. Invoice would need to go to a specific email address. Looking forward to the feature, would help greatly to have 1 manual step less in the company.

    This is also an issue for our team as well.  

    In the same boat, would be great if we are able to send the invoice to a specific email address.

    Right now we have to grab the invoice manually from Fivetran and send it to our Finance Team.

    I also need to email the invoices to our finance department.

    +1 for this. Can the invoice be attached to the email to allow automated processing by receipt management systems?