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Connector Improvement: Pull Over Segment Data with Pendo Connector


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    Hi Adam Pharr, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Thanks for this request. To clarify, are you looking to pull over Pendo segments to group Visitors and/or Accounts? In addition, can you please send me over a link to Pendo's documentation where this is referenced?

    I agree with Adam. This is an extremely important feature for us currently.  This is NOT the segmentsio metadata object. This would be the aggregated segment groups based on segment ID, with the aggregated visitor IDs within each segment. The endpoint is: 

    Example API call: 

    "response": {},
    "request": {
    "name": "ExampleAggregation",
    "pipeline": [
    "source": {
    "visitors": null
    "segment": {
    "id": "YDgJrpxQZJx0gxREQHdQx3wKTzE"
    "requestId": "ExampleAggregation"
    For each segment, just replace the ID with the one found in the URL when you select the segment in Pendo. 

    Hi there, is there an update on this please?  Is this something you plan to add?


    This is the Pendo's official documentation about Segments that link Accounts and visitors based on rules/metadata:

    Currently, we're needing this feature in our company.