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Connector Improvement: HubSpot V4 REST API


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    Hi Ray Brosius, Drew from the product team here!

    As Lindsay mentioned, we are working on improving our associations, though I'm not sure that using the associations v4 endpoint would identify the primary company for a deal. Not unless you have created an association type/label that only applies to the primary customer.

    Drew - Is this similar concept to this FR? I see you recently mentioned some potential improvements around 'associations'. 


    In Hubspot we have defined the associations with labels..  This was a feature that HS put in place some time ago now.. like within the last year or so.. 

    We have multiple associations between objects and each association can be "different" and identified via that label.  the "primary" label is not necessarily the default association.. it is a specific association...

    we have partners companies and we have customer companies that can all be related to deals.. when "processing" the associations we need to segment by the association label.. 

    make sense?

    Hey Ray Brosius, thanks for that detail. That makes sense. I'll continue to work with the engineering team to try to release this feature so that you can take advantage of your custom associations.

    This would be a huge help to have. Per the Associations API documentation, my understanding is that the Deal Primary Company in particular should come across as a HUBSPOT_DEFINED (e.g. standard) association, rather than a USER_DEFINED (custom) one. You can see this as well in the special UI treatment for the "Mark as Primary" feature within Hubspot - as a test, make a sample/test deal, then add another company to the deal and you'll be prompted if you want it to be the primary company or not. From there you'll see a decorator at the top left of the Company card on the Deal that reads "Primary" and an option to "Remove as Primary"

    So something like a boolean IS_DEAL_PRIMARY on the DEAL_COMPANY table would be ideal - otherwise we introduce an overjoin when trying to enrich a deal with company information. I'd expect it to mirror the IS_TEAM_PRIMARY pattern on OWNER_TEAM.


    I agree with Ryan.

    An additional column in the DEAL_COMPANY table would solve our problem of trying to figure out which company is the primary one for a given deal.

    Is there any news on this problem?

    +1 on Ryan comment: an additional column is_primary = true/false in the DEAL_COMPANY table would solve it

    Hi All,

    We are currently working on this and are hoping to support the V4 API for associations around the end of our quarter (EO April).

    Hey all, implementation for this change is now complete. We will be rolling out this change to all customers soon. Marking as complete.

    Thanks for the update, much appreciated.

    Can you give an approx. timeline for rollout, please?

    This would help us plan things. A week, a month, maybe more?

    Thank you!

    We're also having the exact same problem with labels, and company + deal association. @Drew, has this been released?


    We also have the same problem. As you said one month ago @Drew, the implementation has been done.

    When is this release planned? Can you give us a timeline for this release please?

    Thank you !

    Hi everyone, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Jumping in to give a quick update on Drew's behalf. Like he mentioned, the implementation is complete and is made available for all connectors created after May 8, 2023 (see release notes). 

    We are currently migrating a few Hubspot API endpoints to the v3 API and once complete, will look to begin rolling out this change to all customers. You'll receive a communication before this takes place.