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Connector Improvement: Redshift Serverless is now Generally Available and has removed Workload Management


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    Hi Imre, 

    Thank you for your request! We are seeing many requests for Redshift Serverless support and its is definitely on our radar. 

    To share an update, we have this planned as a Q4 project. Please stay tuned for more updates as we prepare to launch support for Redshift Serverless! 

    We need this update ASAP, we are in an active migration to redshift serverless, did not anticipate this would be an issue.

    We need it ASAP as well. 

    Can't believe this hasnt been dealt with, especially with Fivetran writing an excited blog post about using Redshift Serverless

    Have been waiting for this update for 4 months, last update is - "we have this planned as a Q4 project. "

    We are looking for any information on when Redshift serverless clusters will be support, we are completely migrated to serverless clusters in multiple AWS accounts, we are now maintaining additional provisioned clusters only to support existing FiveTran pipelines.  Please let us know if this will be delivered Q4.

    Redshift Serverless support was not delivered in Q4.

    Hi Imre, 

    Posting a quick update here - 

    Due to shifting priorities in Q4, we are now planning to test Redshift Serverless in Q1. Thank you for your continued interested in this destination! 

    Hi there, could we get an update on this? Still planned for Q1?

    Hi any update on this please?

    Agreed, an update would be appreciated.

    Thank you all for your continued interest in Redshift Serverless as a Destination. Testing for this destination is currently in progress. 

    Once our testing is complete, we will be able to align on timing for a PP release of the destination. 


    Coral Trivedi

    Hi there,

    Are there any further updates on this?


    Hi Imre and team, 

    I am excited to share that we have just launched support for Redshift Serverless! 

    Please see our documentation here for how to set this up using our existing Redshift destination setup form.