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Connector Improvement: Load html files from S3 as raw into Snowflake

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    Hi Jimmo,

    Thank you for writing in with this improvement suggestion. Can you share a little more about how these .html snippets are created? I'd like to get a better sense as to how frequently this type of support would be useful.

    Best regards


    Hi Alison, thanks for reaching out

    The html snip[pets are generated as part of our sales process.  So each time a customer completes a purchase, part of their purchase documentation that is intended to be displayed on a browser when a customer reviews their purchase is stored as an .html file in S3.  This can be several hundred a day.  Its not a full html document, just a snippet with a few paragraph and list tags.  We don't need to parse the document when its ingested, we just want Fivetran to have the option to load a .html file into a variant column in Snowflake.  We can do any parsing or manipulation once in Snowflake.

    Thank you for the additional information Jimmo.

    We don't have this on our roadmap currently but will keep it in mind and see how many other people request/upvote it.

    Best regards


    Thanks for the update Alison