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Connector Improvement: Allow IAM Authentication


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    Hello Dan,

    Thanks for your post here! IAM auth for RDS and Aurora sources is definitely on our radar, and something we are planning to start working on soon. While we don't have a definitive date or timeline for this yet, I can share we have started working on additional auth mechanisms for other sources, such as Azure Active Directory.

    IAM is definitely important to us and we continue tracking requests for this to determine when we will implement this functionality.

    I too would like to see this happen.

    Today the way this works is a horribly manual and error prone (or passwords end up floating around automation which isn't good for security). Ideally we could create a cloud credential that we could use for one or more connectors. In this way we could then instruct automation to simply ensure the required IAM objects exist on the database at provision time, and then create the fivetran connector at the same time.

    We'd like to use IAM auth with Aurora Postgres RDS Serverless V2.

    Are there any updates in the past 2 years @Kevin Kim?