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Connector Improvement: Jira connector, add column ACTIVATED_DATE


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    Hey Robert - Thanks for submitting this feature request. 

    At this time Atlassian doesn't support the `activated_date` in their REST API (See Docs). However the `start_date` field gets overwritten with the actual sprint start date when a user clicks the start sprint button in the Jira UI. 

    We also have recently updated our logic for capturing changes to the sprint endpoint using webhooks, so this field should be accurately updated when a sprint actually begins. 


    Erin thanks for the response. We have noticed that our start date is not updating as you mentioned.

    In our destination database, one of our sprints shows as started on 10 MAY 2022 at 22:13:00 UTC. But when we log into Jira, the UI tells us a planned start date of 10 MAY 2022 at 22:13 UTC (which makes sense), with an actual start date as 10 MAY 2022 at 16:29 UTC.

    In our destination database, the column `_fivetran_synced` shows 27 JUNE 2022, so there has been plenty of time to update. It seems the `start_date` column was not updated. Why would this be?

    Hi Robert -

    I misspoke earlier. The `activated_date` is a valid field for Jira on-premise editions. For consistency across both the on-premise and cloud editions, we will use the `activated_date` field and over-ride the `start_date` when the `activated_date` is finally set. 

    We will be taking this task up in an upcoming sprint. 


    Hi all - This has been implemented. 

    You can review the release notes for this in our change log



    Erin can this be run on Jira Data Center? I know there are differences between Data Center and Server, but both are on prem I believe. Moreover, how do we enable this column in the Fivetran UI? Is it as simple as navigating to the connector and selecting the checkbox for the activated date column?

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