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Connector Improvement: Amazon Ads- Support Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display


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    Hi Everyone, 

    Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ads are now supported on our Amazon Ads connector. You can review the release notes with the complete list of tables here:

    Hi Itay Almog, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Thanks for this request. We are definitely looking into supporting Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display for our Amazon Ads connector in the future. This isn't currently planned but I'll work with our engineering team to prioritize this in a coming quarter and will update here once things are solidified. 

    +1 for this plus Sponsored Video. This is quite critical as it's difficult to get an automated view into total ad spend and paid sales on Amazon. 

    hi, we really need 'sponsoredBrand' and 'sponsoredDisplay’. As far we don`t have it now, we can`t user this connector at all. We need full data. Upvote!

    Hi there,

    Upvoting this request since Amazon Sponsored Brands and Display is critical for my company's reporting. Looking forward to hearing updates on this.


    Is there an update we can have on this feature request? This will be critical for business reporting.

    Hi Everyone,

    We are going to begin work to support Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display ad products in our Amazon Ads connector beginning this quarter (Q1) with an estimated completion date of Q2. I'll update here as we make progress.

    Hey Calvin, is there any update on a completion date for this?

    Hi George,

    We are currently working on the development of Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display and will likely complete this towards the end of our Q2 (July) / beginning of our Q3.

    I'll update here once these ad types are live.

    Hi @Calvin any update here? I know you noted that FiveTran was expecting to deploy these additions by the end of July/early August. 

    Hi Michael and everyone,

    Apologies for the delayed update. We are wrapping up the implementation and it should be ready to roll out to all customers by September. I'll update this request and also send an email to all Amazon Ads users once the roll out begins.

    Hello @Calvin,

    Any update on this ? Is it available already ?