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Dashboard Improvement: Sync logs - refresh button

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  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Paul Lovegrove - Thanks for the feedback here. Can you share more information about what you're looking for when quickly refreshing the logs? Would love to better understand how the log tab is helping you, thanks!

    Hey @..., thanks for the response. My suggestion is to have a refresh icon/button on the Logs tab that will just refresh the log rows given the current filter in place. 

    E.g i have '1 Hour' selected from the dropdown. Hitting the refresh button would reload the log rows using that filter.

    This feature would be very handy when jobs are running and you are monitoring the current state of a job. At the moment, i have to change the date dropdown to either 1 hour or 1 day, hit apply. And then to refresh again, i have to re-do the above. 

  • Fraser User

    Hi Paul - what logs are you watching closely for?  How are they useful to you?


    Hey @..., we use the logs tab to monitor where our syncs are up to. Recently we had a long running GA connector and had to watch it closely to see where it was up to. But to 'refresh' the current logs we had to switch the date selector, hit apply and repeat.

  • Fraser User

    Paul Lovegrove so you are looking at the `api_call` event & that is giving you enough context?  Or is it some other event?

    Context: we are looking at revamping our most frequent log events into less noisy higher value aggregated events (eg: `api_calls_previous_minute`)

    Thanks @... the context was helpful, and the issue you raised there about api_call is something i was going to raise separately as well. For the scenario we faced recently, the api_call log actually didn't tell us match, only that the sync was 'doing something'. Without showing the request body/params each log message is essentially the same - 

    { "event" : "api_call",

    "data" : { "method" : "POST", "uri" : "" }, "created" : "2022-07-12T15:37:39.078Z",

    "connector_type" : "google_analytics",

    "connector_id" : ###,

    "connector_name" : "google_analytics",

    "sync_id" :### }


    But having said all that in relation to this request, the ability to refresh the current log rows will still be beneficial to give an updated status without having to a) refresh the page, or b) do the date selection  + apply workaround.

  • Andrew Morse User

    Paul Lovegrove- Thanks for working with Fraser on helping us understand how you're using the logs. I'll talk to engineering to see if we can keep the apply button enabled to make it easier to refresh the logs, but please continue to engage with Fraser (if he has more questions) so we can make the logs more usable overall.

  • Andrew Morse User

    Following up here. There's some concerns about the impact on our backend of just re-enabling the apply button, however we're looking at revamping logs to make them more useful over the coming quarters so I've noted this one down and we likely will reach out to folks who upvote this for more info.

    Understand the concern re: backend, but either way i need to see the logs so i am going to have to refresh to see them - its just how many clicks i have to do.

    I can see the button added to the logs page!! Woohooo nice one!

    Hi Paul, thanks for your feedback! As you saw, we've launched this feature now – hope it helps and let us know if you have anymore suggestions.