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New Connector: UPS Shipping

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    Hey Scott - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. We don't have a UPS Shipping connector on our roadmap however i will continue to monitor for demand for this source. Every upvote and comment helps justify the commitment to build it. In the meantime, have you considered or explored a cloud function through Fivetran to sync this data? 



    Hi Erin -

    I am using an Azure Function, but I'm consuming the data directly into Snowflake with it.  Snowflake's python connector makes the direct consumption somewhat simple.

    My perspective is since I have to write custom code whether I'm developing a cloud function for Fivetran to consume the API data for me or to push the API data directly myself, it makes more sense to develop the function to consume the data directly into Snowflake.

    With that said, a native connector in Fivetran is always be our preference when available, so that custom code is not necessary.

    Thanks for the update!


    This would be super helpful

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