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Connector Improvement: Linkedin Ads - Add text_ad field as part of ad_type=SPONSORED_STATUS_UPDATE


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  • Official comment

    Hi Kevin Offemaria, Drew from the product team here!

    Taking a look at our ERD, in our CREATIVE_HISTORY table we have the text_ad_text and text_ad_title fields. Are these sufficient for you?

    Also, just to make sure, you are receiving ads with ad_type=SPONSORED_STATUS_UPDATE in your warehouse?

    Hi Drew - Thanks for the response. Yes I can confirm we receive data in our warehouse  withad_type=SPONSORED_STATUS_UPDATE via a legacy custom application.

    Via FiveTran, unfortunately we are not receiving this in any of the fields on the CREATIVE_HISTORY  or any other table currently on the ERD. I've confirmed this by examining each potential field/table, and a FiveTran support rep has confirmed this as well (request# 84086). The workaround recommendation is a custom function connector.