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Connector Improvement: AWS Lambda connector: Add ability to specify a payload


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    Hi Richard,

    I'm excited to let you know we have just released this feature to our AWS Lambda in November. We will be rolling it out to Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions soon.

    Best Regards


    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for sharing this request. Could you give some specifics for the type of information you would want to send to the connector in this new payload attribute?
    Can you describe more what your find as difficult or "not so friendly" when using the secrets object for this context information.



    Hey @Alison,

    I accidentally opened a similar request:

    I also find that contextual information and secrets should be treated differently.

    I want to be able to pass some "customization options" like:

    * date that should I start scanning from the source api
    * which tables would I want to create (different endpoints)

    Hope this helps ;)