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Connector Improvement: Support Long Text (CLOB) Datatype


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    Hi Nathan- 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. We currently don't have this improvement planned however we will continue to monitor it for demand. 

    I am curious to understand more about your use case. What are you using these long text fields for in analysis? Are you running complex LIKE %*% queries on them? 



    Hi Erin,

    In general they can store any text string up to 1,000,000 characters.  Our specific use case here is that we have a customization that stores a JSON string in one of these text fields on a Custom Record.  This JSON data is being parsed into normalized tables once in Snowflake for easy analysis.

    It makes much more sense for our Netsuite developers to use a single custom record storing JSON data instead of creating multiple normalized custom records related to each other.  For this reason, retrieving and parsing the JSON data is imperative for our data warehouse.

    Hi Nathan - We've taken up this improvement in the coming sprint. Stay tuned for more details. 



    Hi All - 

    We have added support for the CLOB data type. You can review the release notes here.



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