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Connector Improvement: Allow receiving notifications about new columns also when new columns are allowed

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  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Yaara Zegelman - Thanks for the feedback. For your use-case, do you want this type of notification on a subset or all of your connectors? 

    I'd like to be able to control it per connector (for example when I set up a connector). I'd turn it on for a subset of my connectors

    Our team is also looking for this functionality. Additionally, we'd like the ability to send new data notifications to multiple users within our team for all connectors (or a subset based on connector name). Currently, the process only allows configuring notifications per connector and must be done manually by each user individually.

    Hi Crystal! Thanks for commenting on this feature request.

    I wanted to let you know that we are in the process of adding this feature – so users will be able to subscribe to notifications about schema changes, regardless of their setting. This will still be done per connector, so the notifications will need to be turned on for that connector. I will let you know when this is launched. 

    In terms of managing notifications for multiple users, your account admin can set up notifications for other users, although this is still done individually, so that may be less helpful. Alternatively, you could explore setting up a list to shortcut this (more info in the docs).