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Connector Improvement: Pipedrive: Sync additional columns from deal_history, notes, and activity tables


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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the request. The next and last activity information should be discernible by joining the activity table to the deal_history table. Is there any specific meaning to "next activity" and "last activity" which makes this not possible?

    As for activity and notes, it looks like you're right, that we do need to include the lead_id! We must have skipped updating those tables when we added support for the leads functionality. I'll add this to our backlog and we'll update this thread once we have news to share.

    Hi there, thanks for the update. It would be great to have the next_activity_date, last_activity_date, etc., so that we can sort chronologically by activity order. 

    As it is, the existing fields are created_at (when the activity was made), update_time (when the activity was updated), and done (if the activity was completed). But we don’t necessarily know the order of the different activities, if that makes sense, since multiple activities could exist/be updated/marked done. 

    Hope that makes sense. 

    Hi there,

    Wanted to raise another column that isn't being synced in MailMessage... lead_id: 

    This would be useful to pull up mail threads associated with leads. Thank you! 

    Hi there, are there any updates to these? Especially "lead_id" in certain tables like activity, notes, and mailmessage.

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