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Other: Specific permissions for API key


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    Hi Oz,

    Thank you for reaching out. Granular permissions for API Keys are on our short term roadmap. We expect to have a private preview solution in Q3. Would you mind sharing a few more details on Sightfull's specific requirements? 


    It is similar case for us,

    We have multiple destinations created under same account. And we are trying to automate the process of creating and updating connectors. And when we explore the option of using Rest API to achieve that, we understand that it is not possible to enable access restrictions based on destination and action to be performed under same account. When we create API keys, that has admin privilege for all the destinations under the account. The requirement is to restrict the access to specific destination (or) action on components (like read only).

    Hey Meera,

    Our use case is (currently) very basic,

    We are using the api key to test our connections and destinations and we would like to restrict the api key to that functionality only.


    Thank you for the insight. We are excited to share that the feature is now in private preview. If you are interested, we are happy to get this enabled on your account immediately.



    Meera We would love that :)