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    Hi Austin -

    Thanks for submitting this feature request! This is a really great request, however I think these metrics would be better served through our GitHub dbt package. 

    I've opened a feature request for these metrics to be added as models to our existing dbt package



    Erin I'm a touch confused - my understanding is the DBT package is just SQL layering on top of the github data available, and that the raw traffic metrics is not available 

    Hi Austin - 

    The repository stats are what i was referring to. Since we already capture commits the repository stats should all be fairly straightforward to add to our dbt package. 

    From your second message, it sounds like the raw traffic metrics (count of clones, page vies, referral paths, and referral sources) are what you are specifically looking for. 

    Is that correct? 


    @erin right exactly - traffic metrics 

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