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New Connector: New Connector: Paylocity

Not planned

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    Hello all, we are currently working to build out the functionality we need to support this connector. Once we can move forward, we will post an update. Thank you for being a valued customer and happy data pipelining!


    Hey Kyle - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request! At this time we do not have this connector on the product roadmap. We will continue to monitor for demand for this source. Every upvote and comment helps justify the reason to build it. 



    We also would really benefit from a Paylocity connector! 

    Thank you for opening this ticket!

    This would be life changing for our organization; we currently only pull employees from Paylocity via Python and Dagster. Would be amazing if FiveTran built a connector for Paylocity.

    Our team needs this badly as well! Any update on this? Any business that spends a significant amount on labor needs this in their analytics.

    Our team would make use of this as well! If not on the roadmap we'll have to consider a different ETL tool instead.

    Currently considering FiveTran among other ETL tools. Other tools have Paylocity as a connector, so this may be the make or break comparison for me in case that moves the needle some.  

    We use Paylocity as our HRIS. We currently pull up Paylocity's standard reports and then type the key values into a Sigma input table once a month to include in HR KPIs dashboard. We would much rather be able to pull the Paylocity data into Snowflake using a Fivetran connector.