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Transformations: Zendesk chat tags table no tag timestamp or level details


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    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for writing in. I can understand the need to review the order in which tags are applied. That is something we'll have to explore how to best support as I don't believe the Zendesk Chat api natively returns that information. One question I have for you is regarding the tag levels. Do you mean to say that in Zendesk Chat, a tag can be nested within/under another tag and that the relationship between tags and chats is not completely flat? Please do let us know! Meanwhile, we'll look into what options we have to improve support here. We'll update this thread once we have news to share

    What i mean by tag levels is essentially the almost the same as timestamp when a tag is added to a chat & along w. the priority of the tag. Not necessarily nested tags, I am looking for the priority of the tags that are associated to the individual chat (it can be defined as from most meaningful to least meaningful). I don't rly have any experience w. Zendesk Chat platform, but just coming from a data engineering perspective. I understand that these type of data or information may not be available from the source platform. 

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