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Connector Improvement: Ability to more easily recover from a database failover


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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your post on our feature request portal!

    We are currently working to roll out a feature known as Teleport Syncs, which captures states of each table you are syncing and calculates differences between those states quickly and efficiently. Our plan is to automatically run this under-the-hood whenever a re-sync is required, so that rather than running a full re-sync (which is costly and painful), we run an efficient re-sync that only captures the changes between states!

    For example, let's say you have a scheduled database failover on Tuesday morning. If your last Teleport efficient re-syncs ran Sunday morning, then we would only have to re-sync the changes between Sunday (last Teleport snapshot) and Tuesday (failover event).

    While I don't have a timeline for this at the moment, this is currently in our project plan and a high priority for the team to implement. Please stay tuned for more updates on our progress, and let me know if you have any questions!

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