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Connector Improvement: Support for XML-files in Cloud Storage

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    Hi Pernille,

    Thank you for taking the time to let us have your feed back. Adding support for XML-files in our file connectors is something we are monitoring at this time. I'd love to know more about which types of XML files you would be interested in us supporting - or to put it another way do you always have a fixed XML file structure or would you expect to also provide the XML file definition file to the connector?

    How many different types of XML files do you need to sync into your Warehouse?

    How are XML files used in your business,

    Thank you 


    I second this. Tragically, I need to import tables from .xlsx. The ability to do this from GCS, for example, would be very handy in our use cases.

    This would be nice. Right now we need to transform all of our XML documents to JSON before Fivetran can ingest them. It would be nice to eliminate the extra processing step.

    Hi Alison,

    XML is very standard in our business, the Retail Industry. Especially ARTS XML is industry standard for transactional data (, as a result, it is quite commonly used for all types of documents. 


    There is not always a fixed XML file structure.




    Hi Penille,

    Thanks for the additional information and the link to the standard schemas.

    You mention there is not always a fixed schema - in that case how would you want the data structured in your warehouse?
    Many XML docs will be too large to be a value in a single row of a single column.