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Connector Improvement: Need flexibility to Reset the cursor for a specific date time and sync data.

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  • Alexa Maturana-Lowe User

    Hi Sowjanya Yalamanchili - can you share a bit more about what problem you're trying to solve? 

    Hi, Below are 2 scenarios  :

    1)  Right now in Coupa we have an option either do a Full Sync or work with support team to refresh data from a specific historical dates by resetting cursor dates. We have a scenario where data gets updated to specific table, But, UPDATED_AT in that table is not reflecting updated date. So, If we have flexibility to update dates in cursor, we can avoid reaching out to support team or do a full refresh every time.

    2) We have our  QA environment, which is used once in every quarter when there is application release. In this scenario, We would like to SYNC data only for a specific duration (ex: From 04/01 - 05/31) for testing down stream impact. with existing five Tran it's not possible to achieve this type of data SYNC.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to set up call if more info is needed.




  • Andrew Morse User

    Hi Sowjanya Yalamanchili - For the QA environment, do you have a connector you're turning on and off each quarter and resyncing? It sounds like your ask is generally around the ability to set a backwards limit so you can sync historic data only up to a specific point in time.

    Hi Alexa,

    We don't have any existing connector that we are enable or disabling right now.