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Connector Improvement: Front end to backend Field name table

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    Hi David Irvine - Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like you're looking for some mapping between different names to help make sense of the data delivered to your destination by Fivetran. Can you provide an example of what you're looking for so I can properly understand what you mean by "API names" and "front end system names"? 

    How would you want to consume this mapping? Is this something you'd want access to in our product, or your destination? If in our product, where would you like to see it?

    Hi Andrew Morse Most systems that i work with have "API Names" for fields that are setup to be consistent programmatically Usually following rules like: No Spaces, No Duplicate names in Field, Identifier for Custom or default fields, Cant be changed once field created. This is the field that is normal used when accessing the systems through the API.However in the front end of the system there is usually a "Friendly Name" Which can be set in the tool, Normally is more descriptive or user friendly, But might have some issues shown above. However when we are building dashboards or sharing data with a non technical audience it is this front end field that is understood giving them the "API" Name can be confusing.


    My initial request was for there to be a table created in the destination that gives the mappings from the API names to the friendly names. So we can build into the final outputs a renaming from API to friendly names in dashboards and solutions without having to maintain this mapping separately. its also worth noting that some destination E.G. Snowflake can make further changes to the field names from the API names I.E. all upper case. This mapping tableau would ideally reflect these.

    However your suggesting would also be a welcome addition which is to show the friendly names within Fivetran as well, As sometimes there is quite a discrepancy between the API name and the friendly name (normally due to bad system management) which can make selecting correct fields more time consuming.

    Some examples:
    Salesforce Example:

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